Guidelines, manuals and information booklets.


The Italian confectionery and pasta industry: 2016 economic trend


The most complete report of the sector's 2016 economical trend. The book is divided into the following sections:


PASTA, Amore & Fantasia - Italian style on a plate



When you share a dish of pasta you bring not only tradition and innovation, but also a feeling of warmth and togetherness to the family table.

Eating together unites people. It encourages them to share experiences and ideas, and allows cooks to express their creativity, hospitality and friendship.


Loving & Living - Italian SWEETS (Sonata in quattro movimenti)


The Italian confectionery making tradition is a very old tradition. It dates back at least to the Ancient  Romans who prepared sweets using the flour, honey, eggs and fresh cheeses to offer to their gods on special occasions. Over the centuries, Italians craftsmen perfected techniques of baking and candy making based on traditional recipes and pure and natural ingredients.


AIDEPI Guidelines - The news european directive on toys' safety - Second edition



The purpose of the guide is to provide uniform guidelines to all Member Companies on Italian and European toys safety regulations. The document has received a formal appreciation from the Ministry of Economic Development which underlined how AIDEPI’s  work constitutes an important and valuable tool for the operators to be used on a voluntary basis.


A Masterpiece called Pasta for a Global Diet



AIDEPI and Alinari-24ORE pay a tribute to pasta, the "Made in Italy" queen par excellence, with a book rich in curios, old and modern pictures, historical notions on this traditional Italian product which conquered the world.  


Other co-operations
Available the Pasta APP made by AIDEPI

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