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Workshop "European and National Funding"

(Milan, 4th April 2014)

The operative workshop on how to access European and national funding for the competitiveness of the companies associated with AIDEPI, was held in Milan on 4th April.


Third Labelling Workshop and AIDEPI Guidelines "EU 1169/2011: how to build new labels"

(Rome, 3rd April 2014)

The Third Labelling Workshop and the presentation of the AIDEPI Guidelines were held in Rome on 3rd April on "The EU 1169/2011 Regulation: how to build new labels".


DolceItalia & PastaItalia Collective Trademarks present at Food Hospitality World

India (Mumbai, 23-25 January 2014)

“In the wake of the successful experience held in Bangalore, AIDEPI, with its collective trademarks DolceItalia & PastaItalia, as part of the agreement signed with ICE (Institute of Foreign Trade), is returing to India with an


AIDEPI Guidelines - The news european directive on toys' safety - Second edition

The second edition of AIDEPI Guideline "European and Italian Regulations on toy safety". The Guide has received a formal appreciation from the Ministry of Economic


ISTANBUL October 25, 2013

World Pasta Day 2013 took place in Istanbul (Turkey) on 25 October.

The event was organized by TMSD (Turkish Pasta Manufacturers Association).



Un sito, con esperti di settore, per conoscere le merendine italiane

Racconta i mille risvolti delle buone storie di prima colazione

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