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Agricultural Commodity, 2017, volatility, forecasts and strategies.

On October 18th, 2016 the annual workshop on 2017 Agricultural Commodity volatility, forecasts and strategies "Agrofood Innovation - Innovation and Impacts on supply chains" took place in Milan at the Italian Commodity Exchange organized by AIDEPI, in cooperation with Aretè.

The 2017 edition started in the morning with an introduction by Mauro Bruni of Aretè on "Agribusiness innovations and impact on purchasing”. The Roundtable on "Product innovations, new processes, and impacts for the farming supplies" followed, attended by Paolo Barilla - AIDEPI President; Mario Guidi - Confagricoltura National President; Giampiero Calzolari - Granarolo President, Andrea Segre - Agro-Food Centre of Bologna President and Marco Pedroni - Coop Italy President, and moderated by Carlo Alberto Pratesi, Professor of Economics and Business Management - Roma Tre University.

The afternoon session, composed by two simultaneous sessions, Aretè analysts and Purchasing Professionals discussed the major markets of soft agricultural and agro-industrial commodities (cereals and grains, vegetable oils, dairy products, sugar, cocoa, eggs, coffee, soybean, dried fruit) to provide information on expected trends on short and medium term and the resulting management strategies of supply and risk management.




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